Hiring / Location Shoots

It’s been a strange 2020 so far, hasn’t it! I am started to open myself up back to shooting photos with people but with a few extra rules not just for your safety but my own as well.

With the world being in lockdown and some restrictions still in place when this article is written, I will do my utmost to follow all the guidelines provided at the time of shooting photos with you.

My initial provision when shooting photos will be as follows

  • Photos will be taken at a safe distance as recommended at the time of the shoot
  • Any preview from the back of the camera will be seen at a distance
  • I’ll be wearing a mask for any indoor shoots
  • Any shoots which need to be shot indoors will need to be discussed first
  • I’ll be carrying hand wipes/gel and anti-bacterial wipes to wipe surfaces
  • Any signs of illness regardless if it relates to Covid-19, you’ll need to inform so we can postpone and rearrange the date. (This goes for me as well)
  • After each shoot is completed, I’ll self isolate myself so booking may be spaced out to allow myself to be safe for the next person who wants to shoot with me

I hope these provisions are enough for you to feel safe should you want to shoot photos with me. If not, please let me know so we can discuss.

I’m willing to shoot any theme, doesn’t have to be cosplay related and small group shoots are available. If you have a project you need photos for, I’m willing to shoot it.

  • £60 Flat rate per day per project (Minimum of 2 hours hire time)
  • Minimum of 5 photos will be edited
  • Primarily location – London
  • Cost of travel outside of London will need to be covered

I’m currently furloughed so can shoot weekdays during this period while I am not working.

All shoots will need to be discussed with Eddie first before any agreement is confirmed.

If you can’t afford to shoot with Eddie, you can still contact him and discuss your project and possibly can offer TFP time instead.

If you have any enquiries about possible projects, bookings or anything else, fill out the form below.